Grub Hub Likes Our Roast Pork Buns

Glad to hear our customers voted Red Egg’s Roast Pork Buns as their favorite, thanks for your continuous support! If you loved our Roast Pork Buns you may also like our Red Egg’s Puff and our other delicious dim sum […]

Red Egg Chefs Feed Mention

Chefs know best when it comes to good food. At Red Egg we have been honored by good reviews from our customers and foodies who have tried our food! We are especially excited recently when we received a shout-out from […]

Red Egg NYC Serious Eat

We’re so honored to be mentioned by Serious Eats as one of the must try Chinese Restaurant in NYC with our fresh and full flavored made to order Dim Sum. Located at the intersection of Chinatown and Soho, we are […]